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Rafe Shoes

I have always been a very passionate lover of shoes. Stilettos make me smile and kitten heeled shoes just about makes my whole day bright. What woman would not just love brightly colored cute shoes? Or who wouldn’t feel sexy in a pair of stilettos?

I for one am addicted to shoes and Rafe shoes are without a doubt a winner when it comes to beauty, comfort, and function. And you know what the best part of it all is? When you slip on those shoes from Rafe New York, you are actually getting a feel of the part of a young man’s dream come true. And it could not get any better than that. You can see the workmanship and detail that comes with every pair and the amount of time it takes to make sure that what you have on your feet are the top of the line products.

Rafe New York initially made its entrance into the fashion industry with a line of handbags in 1995. Four years later, it had become available in over sixty department stores and boutiques all over the world. Bags, accessories and of course shoes are the products of designer Rafe Totengco. He has come a long way to realizing his dream of making a name for himself by marketing functional chic bags, accessories and shoes. Rafe shoes take pride in being utterly comfortable as well as eye catching. Take for example the Shenae Motorcycle Bootie shoes that can easily go for the ultimate rock chic look. If you're a boots lover as well as being partial to walking, something that will keep your legs warm and ultra fashionable and comfortable like the Rebecca Suede Boots would be perfect. And if a transformation from drab to fab is in order, how about taking a pick from one of Rafe shoes’ wedge collections?

Rafe shoes make you feel like your whole life is one big party and the rest of the world is at your feet. With a line of shoes that you can wear at the start of the day, attend those impromptu dinner parties and finish off with club dancing in the evening, you are sure to look and feel your best. There are shoes and designs that will just about make any woman’s shoe wishes and dreams come true. I mean, come on, how often do you come across a shoe that YOU wear and not the other way around? How often do you find designs that fit YOU and do not in any way require you to drastically put your comfort second and looking good always first? Rafe’s vision and obsession with functionality has proved to be a great niche and it is gaining much popularity. Their accessories enhance the true beauty that is you and what make them even more wonderful is that they have created shoes, bags, and accessories that put your comfort and your needs, first. Rafe shoes really do bring you the world at your feet. You can just about do anything.

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